ASC Pre-Conference Training Course

To be held as pre-conference workshop of ASC GA’2018
First Call for

The 1stTraining courseOn Earthquake Observation for CENTRAL-to-northern asianCountries


Central Asia is located at the western edge of the Himalaya collisions. Central Asian countries, together with China, Russia and Mongolia have been threatened by earthquake hazards.
The 1st Training Course on Earthquake Observation for Central-to-Northern Asian Countries
Engineers and scholars in earthquake observation from the Central Asian countries, Russia, Mongolia and Chinaare welcome to attend the courses sharing their experiences in earthquake observation.

Scheduled Periods

Apr.15-26, 2018, Beijing
Training on methodology for earthquake observation

Apr.27-May.10, 2018, Zhuhai, Guangdong Province
Practising on seismographs and data analysis

May.11-May.14, 2018, Chengdu, Sichuan Province
Presenting on ASC General Assembly

Content of the Training Course

Techniques related to earthquake observation and seismology, and techniques for seismic hazard mitigation.

  • Basic theories on earthquake observation
    • Seismic waves
    • Focal mechanism
    • Magnitude calculation and seismic energy computation
    • Basic tomography
  • Techniques for earthquake-related observations
    • Seismic background noise andnoise filtering
    • Seismograph, array and network
    • Phase analysis and earthquake location
    • Observation of Ground strong motion and GNSS
    • Practices with seismographs / accelerators/ GNSS instruments
    • Practices with network software
  • Techniques for earthquake hazard mitigation


Lectures, practices, ASC General Assembly.

  • Classroom training courses,Overview of seismology, earthquake observation related techniques.
  • Practices in laboratory, with a seismograph, an accelerator and related software to analyze noise and etc.
  • Practices in dealing with seismicphases with network software to remark phases for earthquakes in different epicenter distances.
  • Practices in earthquake location, with real data from seismograph network.
  • Visiting the national seismic networks center and provincial centers, stations and an equipment base.
  • Discussion and sharing of experiences.
  • Attending ASC General Assembly and give presentation.

Engineers and scholars from Central Asian countries, Russia, Mongolia and China are welcome to attend the training courses.
The delegates could come from their national earthquake disaster management organizations or other relative agencies in disaster relief, with up to 3 delegates for each country.

Financial assistance will be provided to delegates by CEAupon request.


English will be the working language.

Administrative Arrangements

The training course is conducted by China Earthquake Administration, co-organized by ASC Secretariat and Beijing Earth Observatory.

The delegates would be recommended by the national earthquake disaster management organizations or other relative agencies in disaster relief.

Any application from personnel might be rejected.

The recommendation should be sent to:

Ms. Li Li
Institute of Geophysics
China Earthquake Administration
[email protected]
Tel: 86-13811286306

The recommendation should include C.V. for the delegates.

The deadline for the recommendation would be March.1, 2018.

The invitation letters would be sent back before March.10, 2018.