The aim of the exhibitions to display earthquake-related emerging technologies or series of products used in academic research, engineering, and practice of earthquake risk mitigation. The exhibition will be held on May 12-13during the conference. Some booths for exhibitors will be available along the passageway between meeting rooms.
The expected exhibits include but not limited to:
1) equipment or instruments used in the labor field for observation, monitoring, exploration, and investigation, etc. in earthquake scientific research and other related works.
2) technologies, tools for earthquake hazard assessmentand technologies, materials, seismic design tools for enhancing the earthquake resilience of the built environment.
3) search and rescue equipment in earthquake emergency.
4) technologies, tools in data processing, numerical modeling,  high-performance computing, visualization for informatization and public services.
5) other knowledge, technologies, equipment, tools, for earthquake risk reduction.
The exhibition booth rate is 16000 RMB or 2600 USD for one booth (2m*3m, 6m2).
If your company is willing to participate in the exhibition, please fill in the following form and send it to [email protected] The deadline for receiving emails is April10, 2018.

Exhibitor solicitation (4thicce)